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Jeremy Zevin

I have a passion for digital design. In Seventh grade, I wrote a very simple program that plotted pixels on a screen to reveal a smiley face. I remember the smiles my primitive computer drawing produced on my classmates' faces. Back then screens were monochromatic and very low resolution, but what is important is the connection to the person or audience. There are tons of companies vying for our attentions; the companies who appeal to our emotions, by answering “why”, are the ones who will succeed. Many people have the skills you require, but how many of them understand this concept and can execute a digital experience that elicits an emotional response while presenting information in the most interesting, engaging and most accessible way?


Concepts like balance, color, rhythm and composition are on my mind all the time. Let me put that energy to work for you.


I am a designer for the connected world, with the creativity to help your business evolve and grow in the new digital landscape.


Being able to leverage the left hemisphere A.K.A the logic center of my brain is crucial for 21st century digital projects.

Jeremy Zevin

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